Thursday, January 7, 2016

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They are the big stars of the internet and despite having fame of surly and independent, the truth is that cats hypnotize us. These adorable balls of hair have proven to be extremely emotional and in recent years have become the Kings of the majority of households.

If you are also one of his proud slaves and also have a phone or tablet, take a look at this list of mobile apps developed to care for and play with your four-legged friend.

If you have a pet you will know the important thing which is have a veterinary emergency phone at hand, as well as know where can find a vet nearby in case of emergency. MundoAnimalia offers this and much more.

And it is that this application shows us in Google map, veterinary centers closer to our position. In addition, when you click on any of them you access directly your address and phone number.

MundoAnimalia allows us to even activate the GPS to get to the nearest Veterinary Clinic in a matter of minutes.

Available for both iPhone and Android devices, this application includes a very extensive collection of veterinary centres at the national level.

It seems that the dream of being able to communicate with our furry friends could become one day actually. Although for the moment we will have to settle for have a one-way conversation with our Kittens with the help of the translator humano-gato found in the iOS and Android app store.

An app that ensures analyze our voice - previously recorded - to translate it into feline language.
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This curious translator boasts up to 175 samples of more than 25 CAT meows. Download is free and, while the reliability of his translations is more than questionable, the truth is that cats respond to sounds
With this free application available for both iOS and Android, you can find establishments near your position in which pets. Hotels, shoe stores, bookstores, and all kinds of business that your four-legged friends are welcome.

Not only that, but you can also also have localized the hairdressers, shops of animals or public places such as parks and monuments that you can visit with your dog or cat.


This Royal Canin app also shows nearby veterinary hospitals and clinics. In addition, if you sign up, they send you a rating for your pet plate, if this moves for dismissal of your side during one of your walks.

And remember, if you have an establishment in which you admit pets, do not forget registrarlo in the pets welcome app so that it appears to be located on the map.

Tired of running after your cat to make it a photograph? Snapcat is the solution. This free app is designed to make own cats do a selfie. The operation is simple, once open the application in your phone or tablet screen will appear a red ball that will bounce all over the screen by calling the attention of your four-legged friend.

As soon as your cat pour you the sail to the attractive object, the front camera on your mobile device will trigger capturing their spontaneous and funny faces. Intimate portrait that you can publish to social networks to bring your Pussycat to stardom.

Despite the fact that your little four-legged friend not excited, visits to the veterinarian are indispensable. Maintain a medical control of your dog or cat and take shots a day will keep you protected from undesirable conditions and diseases.
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However, given the frenetic pace of life that we have today, it is easy that is overlooked us any visit to the vet. To avoid this, you can always

This simple free application will allow you to keep up-to-date schedule of vaccines and will remind you of the dates that you must manage the antiparasitic treatment to your pet.

As the saying says it, curiosity killed the cat. And it is that these small and adorable felines are prying eyes by nature. Cotillas the neighbor of the fifth, is not surprising that occasionally are involved in tricky situations.

The adaptation of our home is the first step to avoid our kittens to suffer falls, Burns, or small wounds. But, in case of accident, it is important to have certain notions of first aid.